Drafting Recommendations
The articles that fulfill the quality standards of scientific writing will be selected before those that the Editorial Board consider to make observations and/or requirements for text improvement or reissue.

These are some drafting recommendations to be taken into account::

  • The syntax must be used in a concrete and direct way. Avoid information redundancy. Do not use esthetic complements of literary art writing, potentiate scientific communication.

  • Use appropriate structure and content organization. The text must follow a logical and understandable sequence. (Cohesion and Cohesive devices).

  • Use and write the measurement units property. The International System of Units (S.I) should be used as much as possible. Nevertheless, in case the work demands the use of other alternative systems such as ‘Anglo-Saxon’, ‘Imperial’, ‘Cegesimal’, etc., it is recommended that the results include equivalence in the S.I.

  • Do not overuse abbreviations. The first time they appear in the text must be identified by writing in parentheses () next to the original term.

  • References must be written according to the standards established by “Perfiles” Editorial Committee, which is Vancouver Style. Cite as far as possible articles published in printed or digital journals and books so as to avoid referencing directly from web pages.

  • These elements must be verified in detail by the author (s) of the publications before being presented to the editorial board.

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