Papers in Spanish as well as in English are admitted. Once the preliminary reception has been finished, the members of the Editorial Committee reserves the right to submit them or not to further review and subsequent publication. “Perfiles” journal, Editorial board and reviewers board is not responsible for the content of the published articles. This commitment and responsibility belong the publications’ author(s).

«Perfiles» is a free access scientific journal entirely open for readers and authors. Besides, it is possible to create a self-archiving of articles on databases, repositories, directories and international information systems. To do so “Perfiles” manages the “Creative Commons 4.0” which is a License of Attribution-NonCommercial-Share. Copyright is preserved by the journal both in the printed and digital versions.     

Privacy Policy
Personal information such as contact or private data will not be available for other purposes beyond the publication process or editorial activity.
Publication Cost
The publication of articles in “Perfiles” journal is exempt from any type of investment.

The evaluation mechanism works in such a way that the authors do not know the people who act as reviewers (external evaluators), likewise, reviewers do not know the authors. Thus, this is a kind of mechanism defined as a double-blind arbitration system.

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