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Issue Nº 28 Vol.1 - [July - December 2022]


AUTHORS: Paúl Gustavo Palmay Paredes, Michele Cristina Alvarado Guilcapi, Mishell Carolina Sánchez Rojas

The academic performance of a university student is generally measured through grades, which de-rive in a normal or deficient academic situation, depending in turn on several factors. The objective of this research was to find the main predictors of a university student's academic status after six semesters have elapsed since admission. For data analysis, the Boruta algorithm was used to select predictor variables and twelve classification algorithms were applied, after partitioning the data into training and evaluation sets. Then, those models with the best sensitivity, specificity and balanced accuracy values were chosen. Finally, an optimal assembly and cut-off point were used to improve predictions. The models with the best performance were logistic regression, Naive Bayes and vector support machines with linear kernel. When applying the ptimal cut-off assembly, the specificity was 0.695 and sensitivity 0.947. The grade obtained in the mathematics course was one of the most im-portant predictors of academic status after six semesters of study, while sociodemographic variables were not relevant.
Keywords: Depolymerization, chemical recycling, plastic, ethylene glycol, catalysis, bis-2-hydroxye-thyl terephthalate


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