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Issue Nº 25 Vol.1 - [January - June 2021]


AUTHORS: Patricio Méndez*, Blanca Alvarez, Nahomy Jaramillo, Johanna Japa

The study and development of environmental laws that systematize the management of water bodies requires the identification of bioindicators to establish their ecological status. Therefore, this study aims to determine the macroinvertebrates diversity as bioindicators of Yuquipa river water quality. Three monitoring stations were studied on November, December 2020 and on January 2021; macroinvertebrates species were gathered and the Shannon index was used to measure species diversity, which expresses the uniformity of importance values across all species. Furthermore, the family biotic index was used to determine the water quality, as it ascribes different tolerance values and considers the taxonomic level. Two location groups were recognised: the first PY-2 and PY-3 was rated as excellent water quality (3.26 and 3.12) respectively, with a mean diversity (2.45 and 2.54), while the PY-1 site was rated as regular water quality (5.34) with a mean diversity of 2.36. The result was that diversity and water quality were not affected by anthropogenic activities.
Keywords: Biotic index, fluvial habitat, pollution, equity, abundance, water quality


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