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Issue Nº 26 Vol.1 - [July - December 2021]


AUTHORS: Karen Acosta, Valeria Zapata, Aida Miranda, José Mora, Alfredo Lajones

The use of medicinal plants has been of great importance since ancient times in all cultures. In Ecuador, the population still regularly uses plants therapeutically, as is the case of the inhabitants of Muisne, a town located in the province of Esmeraldas. In this research, the preliminary pharmacognostic study of two native species of Esmeraldas (Ocimum micranthum and Eupatorium odoratum) was carried out, through their macromorphological, micromorphological analysis, qualitative and quantitative physicochemical tests. In addition, the ethnobotanical study of these species was developed. It was qualitatively evidenced that Ocimum micranthum presents oils, saponins, lactones, coumarins, triterpenes, steroids, reducing sugars, resins, free amino acids or amines and mucilages. In the case of Eupatorium odoratum, it presented oils, fats, resins, reducing sugars, free amino acids, triterpene mucilages and steroids. Consequently, these two species present remarkable potential for further pharmacological studies.
Keywords: Ocimum micranthum, Eupatorium odoratum, pharmacognostic study, Esmeraldas, Ecuador.


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